Sponsored Projects

This page lists the set of ongoing and completed funded projects undertaken by faculty members.

Ongoing projects

Project Details Duration Investigators Funding agency
ZIGBEE-based Wireless Sensor Network for Landslide 2020-22 Albert Sunny, Sudheesh T. K. Indian Space Research Organisation
Oriented Diameter of Graphs 2020-23 Deepak Rajendraprasad SERB - MATRICS
Raaz: A cryptographic library with formal guarantees 2019-22 Piyush P. Kurur DST - Interdisciplinary Cyber Physical Systems
Towards Automating Deterministic Bug Reproduction during Post- silicon Validation 2020-23 Sandeep Chandran Semiconductor Research Corporation
High-speed Online Monitoring of Software Applications 2020-22 Sandeep Chandran SERB - Start-Up Research Grant
Framework and Compiler for Social Network Analysis 2021-23 Unnikrishnan Cheramangalath, Chandra Shekar Lakshminarayanan (CSE, IIT Madras) National Supercomputing Mission (NSM)
Energy efficient CGRA Accelerator 2020-22 Satyajit Das SERB
Cyber physical systems for smart agriculture 2021-26 Satyajit Das, Mrinal Das, Sahely Bhadra, Sreenath V IPTIF
Unified Framework for Collaborative Intelligent Systems 2021-26 Albert Sunny, Sandeep Chandran, Vivek Chaturvedi Sponsored by NM-ICPS (through IPTIF)
Securing Deep Neural Networks against Adversarial Attacks in Medical Imaging Dec 2021 - Dec 2024 Vivek Chaturvedi C3I-Hub IIT Kanpur (DST)
Eternal Vertex Cover Problem of Bipartite Graphs, Constant Treewidth Graphs and Planar graphs July 2022 - July 2025 Jasine Babu SERB POWER

Completed projects