The Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department at Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad is a vibrant discipline that is committed to the advancement of knowledge through world-class teaching and high-impact research. It unravels the fundamentals of CSE to the students in a systematic and logical manner. Students are prepared for pioneering roles in the industry and academia by being trained in state-of-the-art topics through courses and projects. Faculty members, through their research, contribute to expanding the boundaries of scientific knowledge and develop innovative technologies for solving real-world problems. The department currently offers an undergraduate program (BTech in CSE), two interdisciplinary postgraduate programs (MTech in Computing and Mathematics, and MTech in System-on-Chip Design), and two research programs (MS and PhD). The curricula introduces students to state-of-the-art technologies through well designed courses and encourages innovation through projects. The curriculum undergoes regular revisions to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of the community.


  • 11 November 2022 : PhD candidate interviews as well as MS candidate interviews are scheduled on Dec 08, 2022.
  • 11 November 2022 : MS-PhD Selection list for Dec 2022 interviews is available in the research portal.
  • 05 August 2022 : Mr. Haragopal Mangipudi and Mr. Ramaswamy Krishnan-Chittur has joined as adjunct faculty members in CSE, IIT Palakkad.

Awards and achievements

  • 25 July 2022 : Institute awards for CSE students
  • 01 February 2022 : Best student presentation award for Sreejith
  • 15 November 2021 : Kevin Jude (PhD student) selected as a PMRF Fellow

Upcoming Talks and Seminars (Past talks)

  • No upcoming talks