Departmental Grievance Redressal Cell (DGRC) receives grievances and address them appropriately, in a timely and confidential manner on all non-academic matters from the students associated with the department.

About the cell

The departmental grievance committee is set up to looks into the grievances of students of the department and of research scholars associated with the department.

The grievances could include discipline matters, student conduct, violation of the rules, discrimination, living condition, harassment and other non-academic issues.

The cell will ensure a fair and impartial redressal of issues faced by the students.


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) has now constituted its DGRC with the following members (for 2023-24):

  • Dr. Sandeep Chandran (Chairperson)
  • Dr. Unnikrishnan C
  • Dr. Anish Hirwe

The students/scholars may send an email to or to the chairperson with their grievance. The contents of the email will be kept confidential.