This is a directed reading course.

Course Description

The MicroMasters Program on Instructional Design and Technology (through 4 courses) aims to equip participants with necessary skills to design and operate large learning platforms (such as those used to deliver MOOC), This course is designed by selecting topics from the MicroMasters​®​ Program on Instructional Design and Technology that is available on Edx at Unlike the aforementioned MicroMasters’ Program, the focus of this directed reading is to equip students only with an understanding of contemporary learning theories, apply instructional design models, and gain some insights into emerging technologies to support online learning. Therefore, topics that are part of the MicroMasters’ Program but diverge from this objective such as the capstone project, and modules on digital media (and associated editing tools) have been removed. But for these omissions, the course content and objectives are the same as the four courses that are part of the MicroMasters’ Program. (and are listed below):


  1. Learning Theories: Behaviorism, Constructivism, Cognitivism & Connectivism, Andragogy (6 hours)

  2. Complex Learning Theories: Authentic Assessment, Experiential Learning & Project Based Learning, Service Learning & Gamification (6 hours)

  3. Instructional Design Models: Learning Evolution, ADDIE Design Model, Dick and Carey Design Model, Understanding by Design, Rapid eLearning Design, Instructional Systems Development, Adaptive Learning (12 hours)

  4. Technology Tools: From Web 2.0 to 3.0 and Beyond, Curriculum Design, Storyboarding, E-Learning Authoring Tools and Instructional Design Strategy (12 hours)

  5. Data Driven Learner Models: dta driven decision-making process, actionable and non-actionable data., evaluation models (6 hours)

Learning Objective

This course aims to teach students to:

  • apply learning theories and their impact in the design of online learning
  • apply Bloom’s taxonomy to engage students in the learning process
  • write effective performance assessments and scoring rubrics
  • design instructional materials to enhance online teaching and learning
  • apply evaluation model to assess and improve course design

Learning Outcome

Upon successful completion of the course, students would be able to:

  • Understand contemporary learning theories to develop online learning experiences
  • Apply instructional design models to the development of online learning experiences
  • Select, evaluate or design digital media to support learning
  • Identify, evaluate, and integrate emerging technologies to support online learning
  • Design an implementation process for online learning experiences
  • Apply data mining techniques to the design and evaluation of learning experiences

# Teaching Methodology: The student is expected to watch the relevant lecture videos and do the assignments given in the courses offered under MicroMasters​®​ Program on Instructional Design and Technology on Edx (

Assessment Methods:

  • Two presentations:
  • Interim presentation conducted around mid-sem
  • Final presentation at the end of the semester
  • The final presentation will be evaluated by the guide and another faculty member (examiner) appointed by the Dean of Academic Research.
  • A final report of about 7000 words in length. The report will be evaluated by the guide and the appointed examiner.

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