Areas of Primary Focus

Following is the current list of areas of focus.

  • Algorithms, Complexity Theory
  • Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematics
  • Computational Algebra
  • Programming Languages, Type Theory
  • Compilers, Program Analysis
  • Proof Assistants, Formal Verification
  • Computer Architecture, Post-silicon Validation, Cyber Physical Systems
  • Operating Systems, High Performance Computing
  • Computer Networks, Distributed and Interconnected Systems

Below is a list of other areas that are covered by associated faculty members.

  • Database Systems, Data Mining
  • Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Probability Theory and Probabilistic Computing


Faculty have research collaborations with the following institutes in India and abroad.

Institute of Mathematical Sciences Chennai, National Institute of Technology Calicut, IIT Dharwad, IIT Madras, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, Florida International University Miami USA, Cleveland State University, Ohio, USA, TU Wien (Vienna Technical University) Austria, University of South Brittany, France Aalto University, Finland University of Essex, UK Queen’s University Belfast, UK