This page gives the yearwise lists of all core courses and elective courses offered so far in the department in the past semesters along with the instructors.

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Core courses

Course Code Course Name Category Jan-May 2023 Aug-Dec 2022 Jan-May 2022 Jul-Dec 2021 Jan-May 2021 Jul-Dec 2020 Jan-May 2020 July-Dec 2019 Jan-May 2019 July-Dec 2018 Jan-May 2018 July-Dec 2017 Jan-May 2017 July-Dec 2016 July-Dec 2015
CS1020 Introduction to Programming BET Unnikrishnan C (coordinator), Krishnamoorthy Dinesh, Vivek Chadurvedi Albert, Sandeep Albert, Sandeep Deepak, Jasine, Krithika, Mrinal Deepak, Debarati (CHE, IITPKD)
CS1100 Computational Engineering BET Jasine, Deepak Jasine Babu
CS2010 Logic for Computing PMT Deepak Rajendraprasad Krithika Krithika Jasine Deepak
CS2011 Foundations of Computing Systems PMC
CS2013 Systems Programming PMC
CS2020 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science PMT Jasine Babu Satyadev Nandakumar Deepak, Krithika Jasine Deepak
CS2020A Discrete Mathematics PMC
CS2030 Data Structures and Algorithms PMC Unnikrishan C Jasine Unnikrishnan Sahely Krithika
CS2040 Design and Analysis of Algorithms PMT Krithika Ramaswamy Jasine Babu Jasine Krithika Krithika
CS2060 Computer Organisation PMT Vivek Chaturvedi Sandeep Chandran Vivek Vivek Vivek
CS2080 Artificial Intelligence PMT Narayanan C Krishnan C K Narayanan Chandra Shekar Chandra Shekar Chandra Shekar
CS2100 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science PMT Deepak Deepak
CS2110 Computer Programming Laboratory PMT Deepak, Sahely Jasine
CS2111 Foundations of Computing Systems Lab PMC
CS2130 Data Structures and Algorithms Lab PMC Unnikrishan C Jasine Unnikrishnan, Chandra Shekar Sahely, Krithika Krithika, Albert
CS2160 Computer Organization Lab PMP Vivek Chaturvedi Sandeep Chandran Vivek, Sandeep Vivek Vivek, Sandeep
CS2180 Artificial Intelligence Lab PMP Krithika Ramaswamy & Dinesh K C K Narayanan Chandra Shekar Chandra Shekar, Krithika Chandra Shekar, Albert
CS2200 Languages, Machines and Computation PMT Deepak Deepak
CS2600 Computer Organisation PMT Sabu Emmanuel (Adjunct) V. Kamakoti (IITM)
CS2610 Computer Organisation Laboratory PMT Sabu Emmanuel (Adjunct) V. Kamakoti (IITM)
CS2800 Data Structures and Algorithms PMT Jasine Jasine
CS2810 Data Structures and Algorithms lab PMT Jasine Jasine
CS3010 Operating Systems PMT Sandeep Chandran Sandeep Sandeep Sandeep Jasine
CS3020 Database Management Systems PMT Koninika Pal Koninika Pal Sahely Mrinal Sahely
CS3030 Paradigms of Programming PMT Piyush P. Kurur Piyush Piyush Piyush Piyush
CS3040 Compiler Design PMP Unnikrishnan C Piyush Kurur Piyush Unnikrishnan Piyush
CS3050 Theory of Computation PMC Krishnamoorthy Dinesh Deepak Deepak Deepak
CS3060 Computer Architecture PMC
CS3070 Design and Analysis of Algorithms PMC
CS3100 Internship CWC Mrinal
CS3110 Operating Systems Lab PMC Sandeep Chandran Sandeep, Satyajit Sandeep, Satyajit Sandeep, Jasine Jasine, Vivek
CS3120 Database Management System Lab PMP Koninika Pal & Sahely Bhadra Koninika Pal, Sahely Bhadra Mrinal Sahely, Mrinal Sahely, Mrinal
CS3130 Paradigms of Programming Lab PMP Piyush P Kurur Piyush Piyush Piyush, Unnikrishnan Piyush
CS3140 Compiler Design Laboratory PMP Unnikrishnan C Piyush Kurur Piyush, Unnikrishnan Unnikrishnan, Piyush Piyush
CS3160 Computer Architecture Lab PMC
CS3200 Computer Networks PMT Albert Piyush
CS3300 Language Translators PMT Piyush
CS3310 Language Translators Laboratory PMT Piyush
CS3500 Operating Systems PMT Jasine
CS3510 Operating Systems Laboratory PMT Jasine
CS3700 Introduction to Database Systems PMT Sahely
CS3710 Database Systems Laboratory PMT Sahely, Mrinal
CS4010 Computer Networks PMT Albert Sunny Albert
CS4011 Artificial Intelligence PMT Chandra Shekar
CS4110 Project I PMP Srimanta Bhattacharya All CSE Faculty All CSE Faculty All CSE Faculty All CSE Faculty
CS4120 Project II PMP All CSE Faculty All CSE Faculty All CSE Faculty
CS4150 Computer Networks Lab PMP Albert Sunny Albert
CS4400 Software Engineering PMT Mrinal
CS4410 Software Engineering Lab PMT Mrinal
CS4802 Design and Analysis of Algorithms PME/PME* Mathew Francis (ISI Chennai)
CS4803 Model Checking PME/PME* B. Srivathsan (CMI) B. Srivathsan (CMI)
CS4804 Convex Optimization PME/PME*/GCE
CS5009 Algorithms PMT Jasine Babu Krithika Jasine
CS5010 Graph Theory and Combinatorics PMT Srimanta Bhattacharya Krithika Ramaswamy Jasine
CS5013 Topics in Discrete Mathematics PMT Krithika Ramaswamy Deepak Krithika
CS5014 Foundations of Data Science and Machine Learning PMT Deepak Rajendraprasad Deepak Rajendraprasad Deepak
CS5015 Data Engineering PMT Mrinal
CS5016 Computational Methods and Applications PMT Albert Sunny Albert Sunny Albert
CS5017 Theory of Computation PMT Krishnamoorthy Dinesh Deepak Deepak
CS5019 Advanced Computer Architecture PMT Vivek Chaturvedi Sandeep Vivek
CS5101 Machine Learning Lab PMP Sahely
CS5103 Data Engineering Lab PMP Mrinal
CS5107 Programming Lab PML Deepak Rajendraprasad, Krishnamoorthy Dinesh Albert, Sandeep, Vivek
CS5119 Advanced Computer Architecture Lab PML Vivek Chaturvedi Vivek
CS5120 SoC Design Lab PMP
DS2020 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence PMC
DS5005 Optimisation PMT Sahely Bhadra
DS5102 Big Data Lab PMP Satyajit Das
EE2070 Digital Systems PMC
EE2170 Digital Circuits Lab PMP
EE5009 Nanoelectronics for Circuits and Systems PMT
EE5011 VLSI Design PMT
GN5000 Communication and Technical Writing Skills IDC
HS2000 Professional Ethics IDC
ID1110 Introduction to Programming IC Albert Sunny, Srimanta Bhattacharya, Sovan Das (IITPKD Mech), Piyush Kurur
MA2040 Probability Stochastic Process and Statistics BST
MA5001 Linear Algebra PST
MA5007 Probability and Statistics PST

Elective Courses

Course Code Course Name Category Jan-May 2023 Aug-Dec 2022 Jan-May 2022 Jul-Dec 2021 Jan-May 2021 Jul-Dec 2020 Jan-May 2020 July-Dec 2019 Jan-May 2019 July-Dec 2018 Jan-May 2018 July-Dec 2017 Jan-May 2017 July-Dec 2016 July-Dec 2015
CS4501 Game Theory PME Albert
CS4502 Convex Optimization PME Sahely
CS4503 Combinatorics PME Deepak Deepak
CS4505 Advanced Computer Architecture PME Vivek Vivek
CS4507 Theory and Practise of Data Science PME Mrinal
CS4602 Convex Optimization PME Albert
CS4801 Principles of Machine Learning PME Sahely Sahely
CS5001 Topics in Machine Learning ERC Sahely, Mrinal
CS5002 Functional Programming ERC Piyush Piyush Piyush
CS5003 Parameterized Algorithms PME Krithika Krithika
CS5004 Approximation Algorithms PME Jasine Jasine
CS5005 Parallel Programming PME Unnikrishnan C Unnikrishnan Sandeep
CS5006 Probabilistic Machine Learning PME
CS5008 Reinforcement Learning ERC Chandra Shekar Chandra Shekar
CS5012 AI for Cyber Security PME Vivek Chaturvedi Vivek
CS5509 Embedded Systems Design ERC Satyajit
CS5510 Compiler Optimizations and Program Analysis ERC Unnikrishnan Unnikrishnan
CS5511 Probability Models ERC Mrinal
CS5613 Cryptography PME Satyajit
CS5614 Game Theory and Mechanism Design PME Srimanta Bhattacharya
CS5615 Coding Theory PME
CS5616 Computational Complexity PME Krishnamoorthy Dinesh Krishnamoorthy Dinesh
CS5617 Software Engineering PME Mr. Ramaswamy Mr. Ramaswamy
CS5618 Real Time Systems PME Unnikrishnan
CS5619 Synthesis of Digital Systems PME Sandeep Chandran Sandeep
CS5625 Software Product Management GCE
CS5626 PreSilicon Design Verification using Formal Property Verification PME Kiran (Intel), Vivek Chadurvedi
CS5627 Proofs Programs and Types PME Piyush P Kurur
CS5628 Runtime Verification PME Sandeep Chandran
CS5633 Model Checking PME Jasine Babu
CS5634 Computational Algebra and Number Theory PME Piyush P. Kurur
CS5638 Quantum Computing PME
CS5639 Topics in Networks PME
CS5820 Probability and Computing PME Deepak Rajendraprasad Satyadev (CSE, IITK) John Augustine (CSE, IITM)
CS6001 Topics in Graph Theory PME Deepak, Jasine
CS6002 Combinatorial Optimization PME Krithika R
CS6003 Probabilistic Method PME Deepak Rajendraprasad
CS6004 Logic PME Piyush
CS6005 Instructional Design and Technologies ERC
CS6601 Advanced Computational Complexity PME
DS3010 Machine Learning PME Sahely Bhadra, Narayanan C K
DS3040 Deep Learning PME
DS5602 Computer Vision PME Satyajit Das
DS5603 Information Retrieval PME Koninika Pal
DS5604 Responsible Artificial Intelligence ERC Sahely Bhadra